Beverly Hills Cigar Club

Group CEO : Vin Lee

Acquired : 2000
Activities : Private membership club
Parent Company : Grand Metropolitan’s IMASCO ltd.
Origin : Beverly Hills, CA

The Cigar Club is part of Grand Metropolitan’s IMASCO subsidiary. It has been at the forefront of the private club initiative since the turn of the century. The focus of Grand Met’s 100 social club brands and 26,000 network members including our Las Vegas associates, is for responsible enjoyment of fine products in licensed and sanctioned facilities.  Club branded merchandise is available at United Cigar Stores.


International Management Aux Société Club Operations
Grand Metropolitan Companies
Founded : 2000
Activities : International Management Aux Société Club Operations
Parent Company : Grand Metropolitan
Stockists : 1,500
Origin : Beverly Hills, CA 90210

IMASCO Ltd. was formed to hold Grand Metropolitan’s liquor and tobacco assets. The group is the largest of it’s kind in the world. St. Aubin du Cormier Vin & Spirit is the Groups liquor collection available only at select private clubs and events.

The company also operates the largest network of social clubs, most notably The Beverly Hills Cigar Club, rated Top 5 Private Memberships by Playboy Magazine and home to LOUIXS, the Bugatti Veyron of the cigar industry.

Dalgety Arable

Dalgety PLC is a food and beverages company based out of Lisbon, Portugal with offices and interests internationally. The company markets services and products to clients in the Middle East & North Africa region. This Region covers the following countries: Barhain, Saudi, Uae, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. In addition, Dalgety owns the Pushkin brand of caviar sold and marketed worldwide. IMASCO Ltd., the companies tobacco operation includes the wholesale, retail, and manufacture of cigars.

Dalgety’s commitment to agriculture continues to be second to none, this is manifested through its significant investment in both assets and people. We are the quality link with the food chain and as the leading independent merchant in the UK, we are totally focused on the development of solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Since 1993

United Cigar Stores

United Cigar Stores was the largest chain of cigar stores in the United States. Today, United Cigar Stores is the e-commerce subsidiary of IMASCO Ltd. which services over 1,500 tobacconists both wholesale and retail and direct to American clients.  We are also the largest licensor of cigar club branded merchandise representing:

Anaheim Cigar Club, Atlanta Cigar Club, Bel-Air Cigar Club, Beverly Hills Cigar Club, Boca Raton Cigar Club, Cancun Cigar Club, Chattanooga Cigar Club, Chicago Cigar Club, Cleveland Cigar Club, Dallas Cigar Club, Denver Cigar Club, Detroit Cigar Club, Flagstaff Cigar Club, Fort Worth Cigar Club, Green Bay Cigar Club, Hollywood Cigar Club, Houston Cigar Club, Jacksonville Cigar Club, Key West Cigar Club, Las Vegas Cigar Club, Little Rock Cigar Club, London Cigar Club, Long Island Cigar Club, Los Angeles Cigar Club, Louisville Cigar Club, Manhattan Cigar Club, Memphis Cigar Club, Minneapolis Cigar Club, Montreal Cigar Club, Myrtle Beach Cigar Club, Napa Vallery Cigar Club, New Jersey Cigar Club, New Orleans Cigar Club, New York Cigar Club, Omaha Cigar Club, Orange County Cigar Club, Orlando Cigar Club, Paris Cigar Club, Pittsburgh Cigar Club, Quebec Cigar Club, Reno Cigar Club, Sacramento Cigar Club, San Francisco Cigar Club, Sarasota Cigar Club, Savannah Cigar Club, Seattle Cigar Club, Tokyo Cigar Club, Toledo Cigar Club, Toronto Cigar Club, Tuscan Cigar Club, Vancouver Cigar Club, Windsor Cigar Club



Lichtenstein's Department Store

Hadid brands, Finlay Fine Jewelers, Heilig-Meyers Furniture, Orcofi Holdings, Dalgety, IMASCO, and Pushkin are now exclusively available online at Lichtenstein’s Fine Department Store & Luxury Boutique. Please visit us at Lichtenstein’s (